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Available Services

Physical Therapy

(In house)

We are a fitness forward clinical practice that specializes in orthopaedic & sports physical therapy where your goals will be achieved through a manually-enhanced exercise-based interventional strategy. Whether you are pre- or post-surgical, have suffered an injury, or in need of improved function we are here to help. Need more information or want to get started? Give us a call today! 


Sometimes when living life our daily activities are repetitive in nature. Not to mention they don't require us to move our joints through their full potential. So if you're feeling a bit lacking in motion or just stiff overall let us help. We currently offer one-on-one mobility sessions based on your unique mobility needs. 


Can't make it to Lubbock or too far for us to make it to you? No problem, we currently offer telehealth care too! Contact us today to see how we can help you over the internet.

Physical Therapy (Mobile)

Can't make it due to your crazy schedule? No Worries! 4th Corner is a completely versatile & hybrid clinical practice. We currently offer mobile PT. Let us come to you. We are more than willing & able to come to your home or office at your convenience. So get started today!

SSR Coaching

Recovery is all the rage now in the health & wellness worlds. However, recovery is much more than sitting with compression boots or have a massage. In fact there is much more to the science behind recovery than most understand. We at 4th Corner specialize in sleep, stress & recovery coaching. This is a process where you'll learn & implement strategies for improved sleep & stress management in an effort to improve your overall recovery.  Give us a call to find out more today! 

Post-Rehab Training

Often after you've completed your physical therapy it's a bit daunting to know where to go from there. Regardless of where you've had rehabilitation, let us help! We can build on that foundation you and your rehabilitation specialist established through one-on-one personal training.

Performance Training

No need for rehabilitation, but you need some guidance, direction, or active lifestyle coaching? We offer one-on-one performance training based on your active lifestyle goals or pursuits. Give us a call!


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