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About Us

Being a part of the rehabilitation community for the past 17 years as an "in-network" (insurance driven) provider, we've noticed patients often get lost in the shuffle of daily patient volume. In other words, more often than not clinics require their clinicians to see multiple patients (sometimes 3 or more) at a time.


Based on this "in-network" type of practice many of these patients aren't being directly treated by a doctorally trained physical therapist. In order to "make room" one or more of these patients are being handed off to a technician (non-licensed, non-doctorally trained staff) who will oversee their treatment for that session. We feel this is in NO WAY ideal for the patient nor their overall recovery. We wholeheartedly believe this is a direct reflection of an insurance-driven medical model, rather than the physical therapy profession as a whole.


It is based on this belief that we've INTENTIONALLY chosen to operate as an "out-of-network" (cash-based non-insurance driven) practice. At 4th Corner P&T Concepts we provide a one-on-one interventional experience where you are our focus. During EACH & EVERY visit you WILL work one-on-one with the SAME doctorally trained clinical specialist solely focused on you & your needs each & every time. 

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To provide quality active lifestyle management from rehab to performance through an intentional one-on-one interventional approach that is focused on you, the individual.

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Be the go-to provider for those wanting to live their best active lifestyle.

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Got Questions?

Not sure if you could benefit from physical therapy or an interventional process focused on you?


Not a Problem! 

Schedule a FREE one-on-one 15 min discovery session today! We'll spend time discussing your needs & what 4th Corner can do for you. 

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