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It's in the Name...

Our clinical practice is designed around the simple belief that relationships matter. Of course not all relationships are healthy or beneficial. Consider your own relations for a moment. You no doubt have several people that you encounter throughout your day. How would you classify the amount of connection you have or feel within each of these? Not sure how to "classify" connectedness? Well I wasn't either. I didn't even know there was such a thing until I ran across a book

by Dr. Henry Cloud called "The Power of the Other".

In his book Dr. Cloud writes about the "4 Corners of Connection". These 4 areas of connectedness include the following:

1) Disconnected

2) No Connection

3) The Pseudo-Good Connection

4) True Connection*

According to Dr. Cloud only one of the 4 corners of connectedness will truly help you thrive as a human being...the 4th. Needless to say I knew immediately that I wanted to affect change in people through that type of connection. Therefore, this became the inspiration for the "4th Corner" in 4th Corner Performance & Therapeutic Concepts. You see a 4th corner type of connectedness is...

"a place where people have true connection, where they can be authentic-not copied, not false or imitation...Finally the fuel and fulfillment can get to the need."

It is from a place of authenticity where you can find what you need to more fully Rehabilitate, Recover & Restore.

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